Posted by: joshalmond | October 8, 2010

The Band Next Door




So, they moved in around June 1st.  They don’t completely suck, but still, since they have a drummer, they should really rent a studio.  I know they’re students, or at least, I think they are, because I don’t hear the music all the time – and they’re young.  I don’t want to be hypocritical, being a musician who plays at home as well, but sometimes they really irritate me.

Back in 1991, when I was playing in my first band, Obscurity – we practiced in the singer’s garage, and always had the cops coming by.  No neighbors, no, “hey, can you keep it down”, they just called the cops.  We weren’t overly loud, and in fact one police officer said so – and even another sat in on drums for a minute or so.  They pretty much said that they had to come out when there was a complaint, but unless we were over a certain decibel level, or playing after 10pm, they couldn’t really do anything but tell us to turn it down.  I just really wish that whomever was calling the cops would’ve just came over to talk.

When we were forced to leave that garage, we moved, briefly to our guitarist’s house down the street, but the old people next door, were pissed.  They sprayed water at the window, and yelled.  We moved to my house shortly after.   Before we started rehearsing, I went around with a note to all my adjacent neighbors with my phone number, and telling them, if they had any problems with us playing, to let me know.  I never heard anything.  Of course, we didn’t play much after moving here.  We’d practice twice a week, once on Saturday afternoon, and one evening a week, I think.  I liked having a drum set in my room, and I’d even get on it and play it a little.  I liked hitting the drums, but I wasn’t very good at it.  Obscurity tapered off that summer. We had a few shows, but eventually, our drummer, who eventually told us he didn’t like our singer, decided to leave.  This sucked, as we had kicked our old drummer out (a much nicer, and better drummer – albeit – a different style) earlier that year.  When the current guy left, I thought, I think I’m gonna quit too.  It hadn’t been very exciting for awhile, and both myself, the drummer, and the guitarist had other musical projects going on concurrently.

But I always wondered if we were pissing neighbors off.  Now I understand.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but my office/studio is within earshot, so I probably hear them more in this room than anywhere else.

well, except in the bathroom…


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