Posted by: joshalmond | September 30, 2010

Hammer Of The Gods Wielded By A Lanky Dude

I’ve been reading Hammer Of The Gods by Stephen Davis, the unauthorized biography on Led Zeppelin.  The book is interesting and takes you from the early days of Jimmy Page, and into the beginnings of Zep as “The New Yardbirds”.   Within the book, the author paints a bit of a picture that Page may have used the Occult to make the band as big as they were, but not without repercussions.  From what I know of energy work, one can damage oneself pretty bad if you don’ t know what you are doing. 

Page was a fan of Aleister Crowley (yes, the same “Mr. Crowley” that Ozzy sang about), who clearly was dabbling in the black arts, and even purchased a home that Crowley had previously owned.  Now as to whether or not Page was trying to make Thoth appear, or having magical sex parties in his basement (yes, there’s some mention of something like that in the book) to conjure up fame and stardom, I don’t know.  But it’s clear that Zep lifted many musical ideas from others, and became the biggest rock band that ever lived.

Robert Plant’s son died, and he himself suffered injuries.  Page had problems with his hand, and was hooked on women and drugs.  He even had a love affair with a 14 year old woman, which was kept quiet.  John Paul Jones managed to get out virtually unscathed, and would often be missing during the bands parties.  John Bonham was an alcoholic who may have been bipolar, going from a quiet guy to “the beast”.  His end was dealt by drinking too much vodka in too short a time.  It’s a shame too, as he was a great drummer.  Zeppelin were big in America, but as we know, the bigger you are, the bigger you fall.  Especially if you’re playing with energies you don’t understand.

Sound is very powerful.  And Page conjured up a sound and power, in forming this band, the likes of which will never be seen again.  And I’m thankful for it.  My favorite album was also the first one I had, Physical Graffiti.  During the eighties, a friend taped the double album it on to cassette for me.  I guess that was early “music file sharing”…

I recommend reading the book, but it’s not for kids!


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