Posted by: joshalmond | May 8, 2010


I went to see Transatlantic on their Whirld Tour Sunday April 18th at the Palace Of Fine Arts in San Francisco, and no offense to any other musicians I’ve seen in concert before – and let me tell you… this was, by far the most incredible show I’ve ever been to.
Neal, Mike, Roine, Pete, and Daniel took the stage and performed the whole of  The Whirlwind, 77 minutes of music. Oddly, the place wasn’t sold out. There were scores of empty seats behind me. I figured it was just that not enough prog fans in the bay area knew it was happening, or just haven’t heard of Transatlantic yet. Yet! They haven’t played in ten years, so it might be understandable, but for a prog band so incredible as they are, I just don’t get it.  If you haven’t heard of them, and you love prog, get on it man!  Go get some Transatlantic TODAY!

I was also surprised that the fans didn’t get on their feet until the second to last part of the Whirlwind, called “Is It Really Happening (actual footage from the show- not mine – as seen here)”.  Due to the volcanic euruptions in Iceland, both their sound and lighting guys were not able to make it, and there were a few mistakes, including Mike’s microphone being off during his first solo vocal part.  I could see some tension in Mike’s face, here and there.  He likes things to be perfect – and I can understand that.  When they finally got thorugh most of the Whirlwind, they started loosening up.  I mean, this was the second gig of the tour!  But at that moment, they had it smokin!   The crowd was just blown away, as was I.  I continue to be more and more blown away by Roine Stolt and the music of The Flower Kings.  I love his playing, and even his voice (some people don’t like it).

I could tell there was a cross section of different fans there. Dream Theater fans for Mike Portnoy, Roine Stolt for The Flower Kings fans, Marillion and Kino bass player Pete Trewavas, and of course Neal Morse, formerly of Spock’s Beard (I think there were quite a few of the christian crowd in the house). Oh, and I’m not forgetting touring member Daniel Gildenlöw, of Pain Of Salvation who kept it going on keyboard, guitar, percussion, and vocals. I think he may have even played some bass while Pete got on Neal’s synth during the encore, Stranger In Your Soul.  Where was Neal you ask?  He was playing drums with Mike!  This song, while I had heard it a few times, I guess I just didn’t get it until I saw them play it live.  Pete singing a lot of it, the melodies.  It just emotes, and sends like no other song I’ve heard, and I still can’t get enough of it.  If they ever tour again, I will definitely do whatever I have to, to see them.  I even considered hoping a flight to Europe to see them again on this tour!  That would make me Transatlantic!

Mike And Neal Playing Drums

The set list was:

The Whirlwind
All Of The Above
Duel With The Devil
We All Need Some Light
Bridge Across Forever
Stranger In Your Soul


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