Posted by: joshalmond | May 8, 2010


The Philadelphia Experiment

As I’ve probably told you before, I first heard Frost, this past autumn while listening to Soundscape on The Dividing Line broadcast network.  The track Black Light Machine, which was described as being about “the dangers of watching too much television” blew me away.  The sounds coming out of this group called Frost, I really liked.  So I went about finding as much of their music as possible.  They only had two albums, Milliontown, and Experiments In Mass Appeal.  I think I downloaded them both, and then… even purchased the CDs, something which I never do!  Well, the new Frost* album is coming out!  I guess I shouldn’t ever be too excited about something referred to as The Philadelphia Experiment, but I am.  After all, that experiment back in 1943 was not a good thing at all.  But I won’t go into that, after all, I’m here to talk to you about music!

Well, it’s a live 2CD/DVD with tracks from the ROSFest show from 2009, a making of DVD, and recent The Dividing Line track, which Jem and Co. did for the ten year anniversary of the online prog radio station of the same name.  You can go there and listen to the recent interview Jem Godfrey did for them, as well as a couple of new tracks, including the aforementioned new song – which is 18 minutes of prog goodness.  In the interview he goes a bit of the recording process, intros musicians Mark Knight and Tara Busch, and even how he recorded an air conditioning unit which was making a racket in a restroom at an Imogene Heap concert!  He even included a sample of the interviewer, Frans Keylard playing his comb.  Brilliant use of sampling! 

Also on The Dividing Line, John Boyes makes his return playing guitar on the track.  He did a bunch of early work which is on Frost’s first CD, Milliontown.  Most think it was all John Mitchell, but apparently not all of it.  Speaking of Johnny… I’ve recently discovered Kino, and love the album to bits.  I was also surprised to find that Pete Trewavas played on it!  Not only are there great songs on Frost albums, but Kino albums as well!!!  Next up, I’ll have to get into some IQ and It Bites.  

 Oh, did I forget to mention that Nick D’Virgilio played on this Frost CD during ROSfest.  How did I do that?!!  I love Andy Edwards drumming, but I am looking forward to hearing all the tracks with NDV himself.  I hear he is now performing with Cirque Du Soliel now, but will be touring with Spock’s Beard this summer. 

But first, I must tell you about the new Spock’s Beard album, and how I found them in the first place…


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